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This time I want to give information, how to become a successful reseller Resellers are people who sell a product without capital by adding profits in selling There are 10 points in becoming a reseller Keep watching until it's finished If you want to become a successful reseller This is based on my personal experience For 10 years a reseller Selling products from suppliers And how I will inform you When I became a first-year reseller, I made US 275 profits Then in the second month I got US 689 profits Like what and how There are 10 points in becoming a reseller The first point is Select product So you have to select what products you will sell For Example Clothes Bags Or Shoes cosmetics So you have to select what products you will sell Why Because it looks neat in an online shop window You have to focus on one product In order to look good in product uploads All Shoes upload All Clothes upload All Bags upload So someone who wants to buy a product already knows which shop to look for But what if you want to sell a variety of products You can But the shop must be distinguished Shoes Shop Bags Shop Clothes shop Just don't mix it You have to focus on one product If you have determined the product Next The second is Looking for suppliers How to find a supplier Very easy You only search on Google, Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube Type what supplier you are looking for For example Supplier of import shoes Supplier of branded bags Supplier of artist clothes You search Find the cheapest price And Trusted Good service Must be careful in finding suppliers Don't only have one supplier Minimum has three suppliers Why are three suppliers For example There is an order It turned out that the product sold out in supplier A You can look for it at supplier B If the supplier B is sold out You can look for it at supplier C So don't only have one supplier And then Compare the lowest prices And Good Quality Don't be careless Check supplier performance How is the service How is the price How is good quality Don't be careless for search the supplier Find the cheapest price You can do it do not be confused You can find your own supplier without the help of others You try it yourself Only with a smartphone. You can find suppliers That's the second The third is Create a bank account To become a reseller must have a bank account This is very important To process the payment of buying and selling online Minimum has one bank account These are three banks that have many branches in Indonesia It is very easy to check transactions in daily transfers Not checking daily mutations through an atm machine Only use your smartphone You can look the daily transfers You have to make mobile banking and internet banking so you can check your daily mutations through your smartphone That's the third Before continuing, don't forget to help subscribe to this channel so that I can always provide useful information for all of you f the third one is finished, then the fourth one The fourth is Make an online shop name So you have to make an online shop name You can use your own name or use another name, it's free, as long as it looks professional For example Angga Shop Fitri Olshop Or Dede Store Or Rully Shoes You can choose one example beside this The most important thing to look professional So you have to make your own onlineshop name Next The fifth is Making social media Because you will market your products through social media What are the social media used to sell Facebook Do not use personal facebook, make facebook specifically online shop And Then Instagram The name of Instagram must be likened to the name Facebook And then is whatsapp Whatsapp is intended for the process of communication with the customer That's very important Line You also have to have a line if there are customers who want to communicate via the line Besides this is social media that you must have Next, The sixth is Upload Product You have to upload products on social media, facebook, instagram, story of FB, story of IG, story of WA So that prospective buyers can see our selling products Perhaps there are customers who are interested after seeing our products So you have to upload products every day Consistently Now The seventh is This is the most important point in your success to become a successful reseller Why Because this is the key to success Looking for customers How to find customers Add as much Facebook friendship as possible. Facebook offers friendships of up to 5000 people If possible, it's not the person you already know when adding your Facebook friends to selling online Focus on products, such as women's products, you have to look for friendship with women too, men's products, you have to look for friendship with men too Instagram friendship If you have created an Instagram but do not have followers yet You have to add Instagram followers by following other people first By doing that, they will automatically see your profile data and also see the products you sell Maybe they will be interested in buying your products for the next is Join a group to buy and sell on Facebook That's why For example Group buy and sell facebook that is outside your city join a facebook group that has many members The goal is so that you can promote the products you sell to members of the Facebook group You can upload products so they can see your selling products By doing this, I am sure you will succeed These are the three important points in finding customers Do it every day I am sure you will succeed And then Next point The eighth is Consistency Consistency sounds easy to do but you are lazy in doing this How to do consistency Every day you have to find customers consistently Every day you have to add Facebook friends consistently Every day you have to follow Instagram friends consistently That is what must be done every day to maintain consistency The Next is Every day you have to upload selling products to social media Do it one by one in uploading selling products on social media so that there are always new products to be sold and waiting for potential buyers to see The ninth point is How about a reseller in providing services to customers Fast in answering questions from customers Fast respon Every question entered via WhatsApp must be answered immediately Therefore, look for suppliers who are fast also in answering questions from resellers Because this is continuous, if the supplier is fast respon, then the reseller is fast respon too, then the customer will be quick to buy the product The next is Fast delivery of products This greatly affects the satisfaction of the customer Choose suppliers who are quick to deliver goods If the supplier is fast in delivering goods, the reseller is automatically fast also in getting the delivery receipt number This shipping receipt number is proof that the item has been sent to the customer's address and can be checked online by the customer Before entering the last point Don't forget to help subscribe below for those who haven't subscribed. The last point is Don't give up quickly Keep trying don'y give up Do it every day consistent Even though you haven't got a customer Because there is no instant success All from zero So you have to try You must succeed Next Pray Besides you have tried, you must also pray to God to make it easier to sell products Because success requires a process That's 10 important points in becoming a successful reseller If you carry out the steps, I'm sure you will succeed Thus information from me, may be useful for all of you Don't forget to subscribe below Thank You and bye bye

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